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Company Values

Walter, the carny dog

Walter, the carny dog

Walter the carny dog  

With Bill, CJ, and their children leading our operation into 2023, clean midways, friendly employees, colorful equipment, and FUN are what you can expect from Skerbeck Family Carnival. Top-notch professionalism, innovation, and attention to detail make event management with Skerbeck Family Carnival a breeze.

Below you can find our main company values:

Our Philosophy


Skerbeck Family Carnival has six generations of experience in the amusement industry. Going beyond the basic competence of a company, SFC provides the whole package. From initial proposals, negotiation and contracts, to communication with event coordinators for marketing and advertising, and following up with a well executed midway production, all areas are covered. The Skerbeck Family uses tact and thoughtfulness with public and private property. SFC is aware and responsive to special interest groups as well as giving back to the community. Providing training, support, and an on hand management system creates a cohesive work environment. SFC cares about their employees and it shows, with some of the key employees in their third generation. This type of commitment leads to more experience and professionalism within staffing.

Creating a Family Experience

From one family to another, the Skerbeck Family provides a friendly environment for adults and children alike. Furnishing the midway with a variety of carnival rides, games, food, and guest amenities, there is something to appease the whole family. Friendly staff engage in providing the best experience possible! Respect and courtesy are at the top of the list for guests and for each member of the SFC team. After all, Skerbeck Family Carnival is more than just a corporation, it's a family.

Quality, Safety, and Reliability

Skerbeck Family Carnival maintains a high standard of quality throughout the entire midway production. All rides, game concessions, and food concessions are routinely cleaned and kept well lit. Midway flow, drive-by appearance, and overall mapping takes much time and consideration. The midway architect ensures a WOW factor to enhance of overall feel, making that parking lot or field transform into a bona fide amusement park. Safety is first on the Skerbeck Family Carnival midway. Each employee under goes a general midway safety training seminar, as well as another session pertaining to their individual designated working environment. Within the management and supervisor staff, all levels of AIMS (Amusement Industry Manufacturers & Suppliers, International), NAARSO (National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials), Special Inspector Cards, and Serve Safe are held. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and state inspections, with proper documentation, is maintained. Regular show wide safety meetings are also held as a way to reiterate the importance of safety. Skerbeck Family Carnival's track record on consistency is phenomenal. SFC has never missed an opening or deadline to have the equipment dismantled and ready for roads be opened back up. You can rely onSFC to provide safe equipment and passionate personnel.

Our Mission Statement

Skerbeck Family Carnival strives to provide a professional and memorable family experience in the outdoor amusement industry. Our family provides generations of knowledge and understanding to guarantee quality, safe, and reliable entertainment through customer service, passion, and attention to every detail.

Our Core Values

As the circle, like the beautiful Century Wheel, turns the seventh generation is already being groomed to focus on our core values of:
  • safety
  • customer service
  • cleanliness
  • fun
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