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About Us

Get to know the Skerbeck's

Skerbeck Family Carnival has entertained generations of people throughout the United States since 1857. Based out of Escanaba, with a Michigan centered route, we travel creating joy, excitement, and a fun family experience. It’s no surprise we’re a family run business, headed by Bill & CJ Skerbeck. They have instilled integrity, a strong work ethic, and partnership, into each of their children, Bob, Dustin & Carly. And along with their spouses Jamee, Cindy, and Jeff respectively, they ensure your event is a success.

Skerbeck Family Carnival provides a full midway experience. With dozens of rides, fun game concessions, and crave worthy food vendors. PLUS guest amenities like seating, ATM's, and hand sanitizers. Whether you're looking to bring your family to the local fair or your the President of the festival, we provide the full package.

Our Workforce

The Skerbeck Family Carnival workforce has a reputation for providing a safe environment for families on the midway, being friendly, helpful, fun, and knowledgeable. Our all American workforce consists of professionals and this belief is instilled in the workforce through training, experience, and feedback from the Skerbeck family.

In order to qualify as a potential employee with Skerbeck Family Carnival, employees must be willing and able to successfully pass an internet background check and a subject to drug tests. All employees are carefully observed for appropriate behavior and job performance.

Most significantly, Skerbeck family members MUST be comfortable that the employees surrounding our own family members are trustworthy of living near our own children and caring for our own children on the midway.

The SFC workforce is required to be properly groomed, wearing clean uniforms, and adhere to the policy of no smoking while on-duty. Every worker is evaluated one hour prior to opening each day to ensure these quality requirements have been met. Observation of behavior on the midway by Skerbeck managers, supervisors, and family members ensures that the midway environment is held to amusement park quality standards.

Many of the employees working for Skerbeck Family Carnival return each year. Some of the employees are from multi-generational families that have worked for the Skerbeck Family for several decades. This is a testament to the family-friendly nature of the SFC midway, including the living arrangements and environment provided for the workforce that happens behind the scenes as well.
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