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Guest Amenities

Check out our Amenities


Conveniently located near the ticket booths, we provide ATM booths for guests who need to make any withdrawals.


Guests will be pleased to find benches scattered throughout the midway, giving them a chance to rest up and enjoy the action around them

Covered Rest Areas

Where space permits, covered rest areas are erected giving guests a chance to take a break under some shade.

Food court

Need to take a seat to devour some delectable fair food? Space permitting, we provide a large food tent, equipped with eight picnic tables, trash bins, and a no-smoking sign. Our crew routinely sanitizes tables and assures the area is free of debris.

Front office

Have a question, comment, compliment, or concern? Our carnival front office provides friendly service making sure each guest receives the attention they deserve.

Height requirements signage

Height requirements are conveniently located at the ticket booths so families can assess what riders can enjoy before making any purchases. Height requirements are also posted at the entrance for each specific ride.

Light tower

In locations where there may be a dark area we provide a beautifully lit, 40 foot light tower ensuring all areas of the midway illuminate.

Privacy fencing

For locations where generators, housing, or other miscellaneous operational needs may distract patrons from our beautiful midway, we provide privacy fencing that disguises anything that does not need to be visible.

Queue lines

During peak periods fencing is used to make queue lines. This helps alleviate bottlenecks and keeps the midway flowing smoothly.

Signage for tripping hazards and restricted areas

For location that are unable to provide underground systems for wiring we provide clear signage to make our guests aware they may need to watch their step. Much thought is put into where and how wire is laid out to make sure it is kept to a minimum.
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